import duty on saffron in india from iran

How much import duty on saffron in india from iran? Can we carry saffron to india? Where can we buy saffron?

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Mumbai is the main link between India and Iran and the Arab world. There are many companies in the field of buying and selling saffron and other spices in Mumbai.

Saffron is one of the most important agricultural products in Kashmir. Pampore is one of the main saffron growing areas in India. So you can find the best saffron with the lowest prices there.

Of course, the quality of Iranian saffron is much higher than Kashmiri saffron and Indian saffron. For this reason, Indians mix their saffron with Iranian saffron to have a higher aroma and quality.

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import duty on saffron

The highest percentage of saffron imports to India is in bulk saffron.
Because most of the imported saffron, which is in the form of super gem or gem, is used for medicine purposes.

Of course, some of Iran’s high quality saffron is mixed with their own poor quality saffron and exported to other countries for retail sale.
Wholesale saffron is always cheaper than retail.

But wholesale saffron; It is more profitable, in addition, it does not have the cost of packaging and shipping to stores, etc.

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how much saffron can be carried to india

The best saffron is produced in Iran and packaged and sold in others.

India produces saffron itself, but their saffron production is not at all comparable to Iranian saffron. for this reason; India imports saffron from Iran for its saffron orders

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India is one of the major target countries and buyers of Iranian saffron.
In India, in addition to nutrition; Most Iranian saffron is used for pharmaceutical companies. An important issue when buying Indian saffron is that saffron must have a high color.

Because most of the saffron is used in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, the higher the coloring power of saffron, the more useful and valuable it is in the pharmaceutical industry.

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