Import of saffron from Iran

Import of saffron from Iran

We want to talk about Import of saffron from Iran. Do you want to buy saffron? What kind of saffron is the best saffron?
Which country produces organic saffron and the best saffron?

Import of saffron to other countries:

Import of saffron to other countries

The saffron that is available in the market for sale must be of high quality and in terms of laboratory analysis, it must be completely healthy and of high quality.
Saffron is one of the main spices in the world and the top product for export to European and foreign countries. This amazing plant with its healing and nutritional properties; It is relaxing for many people.

Imports of saffron from Iran to other countries are large. So that Iran is the largest producer and exporter of saffron in the world. Iranian saffron is exported to more than 64 countries around the world. More than 90% of saffron exports are related to Iran.

saffron business plan:

Saffron planting is relatively expensive in the early stages because you prepare for land and leveling, and the cost of drip irrigation and pitting and buying saffron onions in the first year. On the other hand, the first year of planting is not very productive. Therefore, saffron cultivation should be considered as a multi-year investment.

Import of Iranian saffron to India:

Import of Iranian saffron to India

What do you know about saffron import from Iran? Which country is the largest importer of Iranian saffron?

Sell saffron in USA

Indians are the largest consumer of saffron.
Saffron is used as a color and spice agent in Indian cooking, especially soups and stews.
In ancient medicine in India, saffron has been used to treat kidney and bladder diseases, blood disorders as well as cholera treatment. Indians also use saffron externally for skin diseases.
In recent years, with the careful identification of saffron compounds, there has been a great deal of research into the therapeutic effects of saffron, all of which have confirmed that saffron is effective in the treatment of many diseases.
The Indians buy bulk saffron at reasonable prices and sell it at great profit.

Saffron buyers:

How can we find reputable saffron sales centers? How much cost of Import of saffron from Iran?

As you know, Iranian saffron is one of the best and best quality saffron. Buyers of saffron include UAE, US, UK, Germany, China, France and Italy
United Arab Emirates is the largest customer of Iranian saffron among saffron buyers The United Arab Emirates is the largest buyer of saffron in Iran with 2 tons of saffron from Iran and Hong Kong; 6 tons and Spain with 8 tons.
In foreign countries, the quality of imported products, especially foodstuffs, is strictly controlled to prevent the import of any low quality products.

Saffron is no exception and on the other hand, because saffron is a precious product, there is more control over the quality of this product.

1g saffron price:

1g saffron price

Saffron is sold in the market unit is gram. Each kg saffron is 1000 grams saffron.
The price per gram of saffron varies depending on the type of saffron. Saffron is classified into the following varieties in terms of quality:

  • Negin Saffron
  • Sargol saffron
  • Pushali saffron
  • Bunch saffron
import Iranian saffron to spain

So the price of one gram of saffron is higher than the price of one gram of saffron.

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