Importing saffron to the USA from Iran

Importing saffron to the USA from Iran

What do you know about the Importing saffron to the USA from Iran? How much is the price of saffron in America? Where to buy the best saffron?

how to import spices to USA

how to import spices to USA

Iranian saffron is unique in the world and no saffron has the quality of Iranian saffron. Therefore, the United States is currently one of the regular buyers of Iranian saffron.

Do you intend to Importing saffron to the USA from Iran? You should know that the export of saffron to the United States is subject to laws and regulations that you must comply with. You can contact our company to buy saffron and import it to America.

importing saffron from Iran to Canada

The United States currently has many trade agreements with most countries in the world. For this reason, this country is known as the first export destination of most traders in the world.

The Canadian Customs Administration has facilitated trade and established a minimum number of customs regulations.
It also has a customs police force that acts as an intermediary between customs and the police and has full authority over both areas.
Canada Customs has a very strong oversight system and uses the “gamma ray” system.
You can contact our experts to buy the best Canadian saffron.

saffron buyers in UK

saffron buyers in UK

It is true that Iran and the United States do not have good political relations, but the constitution does not prohibit trade relations with the United States. But since some Iranian products are unique in the world, so the United States is a buyer and importer of these products.

Import of saffron from Iran

One of the most important and special Iranian products that are exported to the United States is high quality Iranian saffron.

Our company is a producer and exporter of Iranian saffron. We export all kinds of saffron to other countries. You can contact us to buy saffron.

saffron price in USA

The price of saffron is not stable because factors such as the amount of saffron exports, the type of saffron and the amount of supply and demand for saffron affect the price of this product.
In addition, the type and quality of saffron are other factors affecting the price of saffron.
Another factor is the difference in the price of saffron in the United States; Buying saffron is major and minor. Generally, the price of bulk saffron is lower than the purchase price of partial saffron.
The price of saffron in the United States is much higher than the price of saffron in Iran. At one of the saffron sales sites in the United States, the price of one gram of saffron is more than $ 30.
This is while the equivalent of the same weight in the domestic market in Iran does not reach the price of even one dollar.
The price of 1 kg of saffron when buying from a farmer in the harvest season is even lower than the market price.
saffron price in USA

can i bring saffron to USA

Usually, saffron is not exported directly to the United States from inside Iran due to sanctions. Instead, the trader has the following two options:
1- Saffron is packaged in neighboring countries under the brand of that country and then sold to the United States. This method is very expensive and few people do it.
2- They export saffron to other countries and then they send saffron to the United States under their own brand.
Our company is one of the largest centers for selling and exporting Iranian saffron.
We are a producer of organic saffron and we export saffron in kilos and tonnage quantities to outside Iran.
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