Iranian saffron supplier

Iranian saffron supplier

Which is the biggest Iranian saffron supplier? Who are the top suppliers of saffron in the world? Where is the reliable website to buy saffron online? How to buy Iranian saffron in my country?

buy online saffron

buy online saffron  

One of the easiest ways of communication between the buyer and the seller is to buy saffron online. Our online store is one of the most reliable sites that is engaged in selling all kinds of Iranian saffron.

Online shopping for saffron has made it possible for customers to make their purchases in a few minutes without going to the stores in person.
In online shopping, you can visit many stores and have more access to choosing different brands and products.

In this way, you can buy the products you need from the farthest parts of the world without paying additional costs. Our company is a supplier and producer of saffron.

saffron suppliers in iran

Currently, Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world. Last year, about 400 tons of saffron were produced in Iran, and nearly 252 tons of this product were exported to 47 target countries in the world.

Due to the problems in the export issue, most of Iran’s products are bought and exported by countries such as Afghanistan, Spain, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates.
Iranian saffron was exported in bulk to countries such as Spain and Italy, and from there it was exported to other countries by packaging these countries.

Saffron import tariff in different countries

The price of first grade saffron

The price of first grade saffron

First grade saffron is a common term in the major saffron market. But what is called first class saffron?
Grade 1 saffron is used for all types of saffron. For example:
  1. First grade premium saffron
  2. First grade Sargol saffron
  3. First grade precious saffron
  4. First grade Pushal saffron
The price of each kilo of saffron in the saffron market is different according to these types of saffron.

The official website of supplier of Iranian saffron

One of the important principles of business is the supplier of saffron. Our company is engaged in the production, sale and export of Iranian saffron.

There are several types of saffron suppliers.

  1. Those who buy saffron from another place and then sell it
  2. Those who buy saffron, process, package and then sell
  3. Those who produce saffron process and package it and then sell it to the market

Among these three groups, more than 90 percent; There are small companies that buy and sell small amounts of saffron.
But our company is a saffron supplier and also exports saffron in high quantities and tonnage

Saffron global top suppliers

Saffron global top suppliers

Buying saffron from a saffron farmer and producer is always affordable. Our company produces all kinds of saffron for export.

Every product like saffron goes through a natural cycle to reach the final consumer, which consists of:

  • Product manufacturers
  • Seller or intermediary
  • Buyer or consumer

The producer and seller are considered as suppliers of saffron. Our company is one of the largest saffron supplier. This company produces and processes its products and sells them in international markets.

saffron import export global
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