saffron export price to Europe

saffron export price to Europe

What is the saffron export price to Europe? Which country is the largest exporter of saffron in the world? What is the price of each kilo of saffron? Where to buy the best saffron brand?

largest exporter of saffron

largest exporter of saffron

Saffron trade is one of the most profitable global trade for saffron exporting countries. Iran is known as the first saffron producing country and as the largest saffron exporting country.
Last year, Iran exported about 400 tons of saffron to 60 countries, about 50% of which was sold to Spain.

Spain is in the world rankings after Iran. Annual production of Spanish saffron; It is 25 tons annually. However, it is one of the main exporters of saffron in the world.

how to export saffron from Iran to Europe

Iranian saffron is a very popular spice among Europeans and there are many companies in Europe that buy saffron in bulk and sell it at incredible prices.
For exporting saffron to Europe and specifically to Germany, packaging of export products is important.

To export saffron, a business card and the necessary standards such as a health certificate, a plant certificate are required. We carry out zero to one hundred steps of saffron export from Iran to Europe and deliver saffron in your city.

saffron rate per kg

saffron rate per kg

Saffron is bought and sold in different countries at different prices. Having someone tell you exactly what price you can sell is not an accurate and valid basis.
Because the price of saffron is determined in proportion to the factors that are:

  • Type of saffron
  • Degree of saffron quality
  • Saffron standards
  • Saffron packaging
  • The amount of saffron transaction
  • Methods of sending saffron
  • Saffron delivery method
Importing saffron to the USA from Iran

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saffron price in Ethiopia

Sargol saffron, Pushal saffron and Negin saffron are three models of saffron that are sold outside Iran. The price of these saffrons in dollars and euros is never fixed according to different conditions and rules.

Therefore, we can not announce a fixed number for the price of each kilogram of saffron in dollars
To determine the price of export saffron, the most important factor is its quality.

In addition, the type of saffron, saffron packaging, saffron branding are direct items that have a high impact on the price of saffron in dollars.

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which brand of saffron is best

which brand of saffron is best

About 90% of the world’s saffron is supplied by Iran. Iranian saffron is exported to 5 continents and 47 countries. Iranian saffron has its own customers all over the world and is known as red gold. No country can compete with the saffron production line in Iran.

Countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Spain buy saffron from Iran and sell it in the world market under the name of their own country. Countries such as Italy, USA, India, France, Sweden, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Britain and Switzerland are also the main buyers of Iranian saffron.

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supplier of saffron packaging box

European countries are also big fans of saffron. Many Iranian traders in European countries themselves, by establishing various companies, sell Iranian saffron.
Many traders in European countries have also realized the huge benefits of importing bulk saffron and are working in this field. Iranian quality saffron is sold in astronomical prices in one gram, two gram and packages in reputable stores in these countries.

sell saffron in Europe

This is if the price of this saffron in Iran is three to four times lower than these countries.

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