Wholesale Bulk Saffron Powder

Wholesale Bulk Saffron Powder

Where is the most reliable center to sell Wholesale Bulk Saffron Powder? What is saffron powder and how is it prepared? What are the properties of saffron powder? Where can you buy original and organic saffron powder?

Bulk saffron from Iran

Bulk saffron from Iran

Considering that the price of bulk saffron is lower than the price of packaged saffron, it can provide more profitable opportunities for customers.

Most saffron wholesalers buy bulk saffron from the producer and sell it to retailers. In this case, due to the presence of intermediaries, more money is paid. Bulk saffron may also be broken due to moving. Therefore, it is better to buy bulk saffron directly from the saffron producer.

Our company sells Iranian saffron in bulk with high quality and at a reasonable price

Aromatic bulk saffron For Extra Taste

The price of powdered saffron is very reasonable in our company due to its quality.

Various factors such as the type and quality of saffron, the number of intermediaries, the type of saffron packaging, the amount of saffron purchased affect the price of saffron powder.
The most important determining factor in saffron pricing is its quality.

organic saffron powder

organic saffron powder

Our company with years of experience in producing and selling saffron; It grows and processes the best saffron and markets it in beautiful and standard packages.
Our bulk saffron products include Pushal saffron, bulk saffron, Sargol saffron, Nagin saffron and Super Nagin saffron with export quality.

You can buy saffron and bulk saffron powder from our company.

is saffron powder and turmeric the same

You can get the best saffron powder from our company.
Our saffron powder is free from any pollution and without any chemical additives or food coloring.

Our company’s saffron powder is prepared from the best Sargol saffrons. In fact, saffron powder is ground saffron along with its stalks.

Like saffron itself, saffron powder is rich in vitamin A, folic acid, copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, selenium, zinc, magnesium, riboflavin and thiamin. It also has more than 150 antioxidant compounds.

Quality spanish saffron powder

Quality spanish saffron powder

What are the characteristics of high quality powdered saffron?
Unfortunately, some sellers; They buy bulk saffron from the producer and sell fake saffron for more profit.

For example, corn stigmas or saffron roots are dyed and mixed with high quality Iranian saffron and sold as pure saffron. To increase the weight of bulk saffron, some people soak it in fat or water it and sell it.

The saffron you buy must be fresh and uniform. No other additives including other plants or other poor quality saffron should be mixed with saffron.
Therefore, the best way to buy saffron powder is to buy from reliable and experienced saffron producers, of which our saffron company is one of them.

Our company is engaged in the production, sale and export of Iranian saffron and bulk saffron powder.

We are producer of saffron and we export high quality saffron in bulk and kilograms.

saffron powder amazon

Amazon site is a store site and many products including saffron are sold in it. As you know, the price of saffron on Amazon depends on several factors.

There are various people and companies in the saffron buying and selling market. But they are often distributors of saffron. They are so-called saffron brokers.

Our company is one of the largest sellers and exporters of saffron and bulk saffron powder.
Saffron in our company enters the market after harvesting and passing the procedures of obtaining a license and standard.

You can contact our sales department to buy saffron:
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