saffron import price today

How much the saffron import price today? Do you intend to import saffron to Europe? What are the steps to import saffron? How can we import saffron to our country? Which country is the biggest producer of saffron?

saffron importers in Europe

saffron importers in Europe

Iran is one of the largest producers of saffron in the world. A major part of this product is also exported to other countries of the world including Europe.

Our company can import saffron throughout the European Union. All saffrons are delivered to you in bulk packages.

All stages of saffron export to Europe are under the responsibility of this group. Also, all European orders are shipped with a European lab sheet.

To buy kilo saffron, you can directly contact the sales unit or go through our website at

top 5 saffron producing countries

Spain: After Iran, Spain is the most important producer and exporter of saffron. Saffron production in Spain has not exceeded 25 tons per year.

Italy: 600 kilos of saffron are produced annually in Italy, which reaches domestic consumption.

Morocco: After Afghanistan’s Herat province, the Moroccan government has also joined the ranks of exporters and supporters of saffron production.

Greece: Cultivation and production of saffron in Greece is mainly done in the Kozani region in the north of this country. The saffron obtained in a year reaches 8 tons.

how to sell saffron in dubai

India: In the Indian state of Kashmir, in the “Bambur Karva” region, more than 120 thousand families live directly or indirectly from the income of the crops of Rafran.

saffron market price

saffron market price

How much the saffron import price? The price of saffron is not always a fixed amount and changes during the saffron harvesting season and other seasons. In general, several reasons can be considered important reasons for changing the price of saffron.

The first is the change in the price of the dollar and currency, which these days affects the price of saffron more than anything else.
Domestic demand and foreign demand are other effective factors in this issue.

Customs tariffs also play a big role in saffron pricing. Saffron producing countries are also influential in this matter.

In the case of saffron, there are certain laws and policies in the field of product customs, which in turn affect its price. In this way, the customs tariffs of each country affect the price of saffron.
Since saffron is considered a luxury commodity, any global crisis that reduces buying power will affect its price.

How to Import Saffron from Iran?

saffron price per kg

Spain is the biggest customer of Iranian saffron. After Spain, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, China, Kuwait, Qatar, Japan and Bahrain import saffron from Iran.

In order to export saffron in a legal way, it is necessary to be aware of the existing laws for this purpose. You can do all the steps of exporting and importing saffron to different countries with the cooperation of our company.

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We are producer of saffron and we export high quality saffron in bulk and kilograms.

saffron price per kg

The selling price of kilo saffron is different from selling packaged saffron. In the sale of kilo saffron, packaging costs are not considered and its price is more appropriate
You can find out the price of saffron per kilo today by contacting us. You can buy the best type of saffron with the highest quality and at a reasonable price.

Our saffron company operates in domestic and international markets as one of the largest producers of saffron in the world.

Our bulk saffron products include Pushal saffron, bunch saffron, Sargol saffron, Nagin saffron and Super Nagin saffron with export quality.

saffron price chart

saffron price chart

How much the saffron import price? How is the daily price of saffron determined in global markets? The following factors influence the price of saffron:
1) Exchange rate
2) The amount of demand for buy
3) The supply of saffron in the domestic or foreign market
4) The amount of saffron export
5) Export and import laws of different countries
6) Competing countries producing saffron
8) Entry of counterfeit saffrons into the market
9) Type of saffron packaging
10) Quality of saffron
11) Type of saffron (Negin, Sargol, Pushal, Bunch)
Our company is engaged in the production, sale and export of Iranian saffron. You can call to buy saffron.
You can contact our sales department to buy saffron:
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