How to sell saffron in Turkey

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How to sell saffron in Turkey? What is the profit of selling saffron in Turkey? How much is a kilo of saffron in Turkey? What are the factors that cause price fluctuations in saffron market?
The Iranian saffron sales market in Turkey has increased in recent years. Iranian saffron is recognized as the most high quality and best quality saffron in the world. Iranian saffron is widely sold because of its high quality in terms of color and unique fragrance.

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Turkish saffron is also supplied by the best and most desirable Iranian saffron. Iranian saffron is known for its high quality saffron in the world because of its high quality.

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Due to the lack of export infrastructure and packaging technology, Iranian saffron is packaged and marketed under its own brand name and brand in these countries. For example, high quality Iranian saffron is exported to Turkey in bulk. In Turkey, after the Iranian saffron packaging process, Turkey’s name is sold to various markets.

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Buying saffron is very important because it is expensive. Because of the high cost of saffron, many people are drawn to profit by combining low quality saffron, crunchy rancid, some additives such as yogurt, spices and selling full saffron instead of flowers. High quality saffron is the same price as its weight gold. You must first know all the different types of saffron.

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Types of saffron are

Sargol saffron: The best type of saffron that has a lot of color and aroma.

Negin saffron: This saffron is also a good type, has great color and good smell but has a lower quality than sorghum.

iranian saffron price in turkey

pushali saffron: This type of saffron has some cream (white part of the bottom of the saffron). It has a good fragrance but its color is less.

Saffron Category: This type of saffron contains the entire range of saffron and is not partially sold.

Corn or white: The yellow part of the saffron flower is called corn or white.

In general, saffron is sold in two types of powder and whole.

Consider the following when buying saffron

Check the color of saffron. High quality saffron is dark red. Look for thick color. Basically the quality of saffron is due to its rich color. The colors should be uniform and not pale and full of color. If you see the yellow inside the saffron, it means that the yellow part of the saffron is not expensive to sell and has no properties.

Check the smell of saffron, the saffron should give a sweet smell and the smell of flowers.

Notice the texture, quality saffron is usually the same size. One side is shaped like a trumpet and the other is thin and ivy-like. If you find that saffron is irregular in shape, or rather crunchy or contains crust, this type of saffron is probably of poor quality. If the saffron is damaged and worn out, it indicates that the saffron is of poor quality.

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The price of saffron in Turkey varies depending on the type and quality of the saffron. In the negotiation between the buyer and the seller of the saffron, the exact price of the saffron is determined. For more profit you can buy the saffron you need from the most prestigious shopping center.

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At this store we try to introduce and supply the most expensive spices in the world. To this end, we created this website as an Internet-based store to sell first class Persian saffron online. This way, anyone living anywhere in the world is able to buy and enjoy the highest quality saffron. Therefore, we can offer end users the original product at the optimum price of saffron.

sell saffron in turkey

We give you some useful information on the use of saffron in cooking, medicine, etc. It does improve health and ultimately bring happiness. Yes, our goal is to give you happiness

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The aromatic and spicy saffron, which has a special place in cooking, should not be underestimated. Saffron in addition to its pleasant aroma, brings many benefits to our health. Therefore, it is very useful to get to know the characteristics of this fragrant spice.

Saffron with the scientific name Crocuses satius is a species of Crocuses from the Iris family.

You may have seen that the flowers of the saffron plant are beautiful and have six purple petals. The part used in this plant is the cream and stigma end, which is known as saffron and has a fragrant aroma and its taste is slightly bitter but palatable.

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Donor is used Saffron is known for its bitter taste and good aroma; these properties are due to the chemical constituents of picrocrocin and safranal in saffron.

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Saffron also contains a color carotenoid called crocin that gives food a beautiful golden yellow appearance. These properties have made saffron a pleasant component in many foods around the world.

Saffron is also used as a natural dye, especially in China and India as well as in the perfume industry. Saffron has therapeutic applications as well. In terms of therapeutic properties, saffron has a long history in traditional medicine; today modern medicine has also found that saffron has useful properties including anti-cancer (cancer suppressant), anti-mutagenic, immune-modulating and antioxidant-like properties.

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Various effects of saffron such as contraceptive, antidepressant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, free radical scavenger, affecting memory and learning, blood pressure lowering and blood lipid lowering have been proven in various studies.

Recent studies have also shown the beneficial effects of saffron on depression, premenstrual syndrome, and Alzheimer’s disease. If you are looking for a place to sell the best quality Saffron overall, this store has tried its best to offer you the best Saffron in your store.

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