saffron price kg in Afghanistan

saffron price kg in Afghanistan

How much is saffron price kg in Afghanistan? Where and how to buy the best saffron? What is the difference between Iranian saffron and Afghan saffron and Spanish saffron?

how much does saffron cost per kg

how much does saffron cost per kg

Buying saffron in kilograms or buying it in bulk has many customers. Most major saffron buyers, such as saffron exporters for saffron exports, as well as restaurants and department stores, are all looking to buy saffron in bulk. The wholesale price of saffron is cheaper than the price of packaged and retail saffron.

In general, the cost of saffron depends on what kind of saffron we choose to buy: Negin saffron or Sargol saffron, first grade saffron or second grade saffron.
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saffron price in Delhi per kg

How much is saffron price kg in India?

The wholesale price of saffron in India is naturally different from the price of one gram of packaged saffron. Packaged saffron is naturally more expensive due to its small amount and the need for different licenses.

Saffron from Kashmir region, which is known for its dark color, has a high price and is sold at an exorbitant price on the Amazon site.

saffron selling price wholesale market

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saffron price per gram euro

saffron price per gram euro

Iranian saffron has colorful and large stigmas with a wonderful aroma compared to Afghan and Spanish saffron.

Afghanistan and Spain buy Iranian saffron in bulk and at low prices from Iran. Then Iranian saffron is exported to other countries, especially Europeans, with higher prices and beautiful packaging.

One of the reasons for the high price of saffron in these countries is that they are not a major producer of saffron, but rather play a mediating role in the saffron market.

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saffron price Afghanistan

What is the price of Afghan saffron? How much is saffron price kg? What is the difference between Iranian saffron and Afghan saffron?

More than 90% of Afghanistan’s saffron is produced in the city of Herat. Of course, saffron in this city is cheaper than in Kabul and other cities in Afghanistan.

Last year, more than 15 tons of saffron were harvested in Herat city and large quantities of it were exported to India.

The price of Iranian saffron and Afghan saffron varies based on the order quantity, type of saffron and place of delivery.
Saffron is sold in dollars in Afghanistan.

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Import of saffron from Iran
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